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What to Expect

Before your Appointment

1. Make sure your eye area is free of make up and mascara.

2. Avoid drinking caffeine. It may cause eye twitching and becoming angsty 

3. Please be on time. Your time will not be extended if you arrive late.

4. Be sure to use the restroom before starting appoinment

5. Please avoid chewing gum.

6. NO children under 16 allowed to your appointment

During Appointment

1. Be prepared to lay still for 2-3 hours depending on appointment type. Your appointment may not last the whole duration depending on your natural lashes.

2. Eyelashes are applied one by one onto your natural lashes and will fall out during natural growth cycle. 

3. Sometimes you may feel some slight burning or irritation. If this occurs please let your stylist know so she can make sure you feel comfortable during your appointment.

4. It is completely normal to fall asleep during your appointment, so feel free to get your nap in!

Long Lashes

1. Keep your lashes from tangling by brushing them daily

2. Be sure to wash your lashes everyday with a lash cleanser and soft bristle brush

3. Avoid mascara. If you decide to wear any make sure it is water based and remove at the end of the day

4. Avoid any products near your lashes that have glycol, alcohol or glycerin.

5. Avoid rubbing your eyes and try to avoid sleeping on your lashes.

Eye Makeup Accessories
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