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Turning Heads at Whiplashed Beauty Bar


Why our studio?

With many years of experience, our stylist are here to offer you the best quality of not only work, but products as well. We have done all the testing and researching of products and brands to specially curate the best combination of products to provide top notch retention. Our lashes will last through tears, sweat, and vacations. As soon you leave the studio, rain or shine, no need to worry about getting them wet or oily. We are here to give you the best lash experience you ever had!

The number one priority of our brand is lash health. What does that mean? We focus on correct after care and educating our clients on how to care for their lashes to keep them looking great throughout the weeks. We focus on keeping your natural lashes intact so you can keep coming to us for years and years! Now, does that mean we are the perfect fit for everyone? No! Understanding the importance of lash health means that not all clients lashes are treated equally. Taking time in evaluating each clients needs and assessing what is realistically possible is our specialty. If maintaining your natural lash health, or even working towards improving it is your goal, I'd say we are quite a great fit for you!

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